Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style

Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style, Here we go with the bang up to date and latest Bridal Makeup ideas 2018 for Wedding Day. All the Makeup Ideas are collected from brides of different salons. Bridal Makeup is very important for a bride. A perfect makeup according to the bridal dress is very necessary. Bridal Makeup should be very attractive so that everyone praises her. The red color is known to be the color for a bride’s wedding day. Other colors are also in fashion. But red color has its own importance.Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style

Khashees Bridal Makeup

Red lipstick with a red bridal dress looks so hot. Here we have Bridal Makeup ideas 2018 for Wedding Day. Have a look. Base, Face contouring and highlighting are very important part of the bridal makeup. If contouring is highlighting is done properly, face features are enhanced and the bride looks pretty. For a bride, use shimmer eye shades. See the bride’s eye shades contain a black base with silver shimmer on the top and blood red lipstick. The contouring and highlighting are enhancing her look.Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style

Golden and black eye shades also make a good combination combined with red lip color. Ayeza Khan is looking absolutely beautiful in goldeneye shades and peach lipstick. You can also go for silver eye shades according to dress color. Light Lipstick shades are also in but red is red. This bride is looking amazing in this lip color. Some brides opt for Maroon lipstick.Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style
Since Bridal Season is back, and we have been getting many frenzied calls from brides-to-be to guide them on the latest bridal trends for this season, we thought why not sit with one of Pakistan’s premier and trendsetting Professional Makeup Artists: Amina Raja, for the Hottest Bridal, Looks for 2018 and their breakdown.Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style

But first, for those who don’t know, let us introduce this maestro to you. With more than 20 years of experience in Bridal Makeup, this expert lives by the belief that “the true skill in a makeup artist lies in her expertise, talent, and passion to create versatility, timelessness, and depth in their work based on life experiences, passions, travels, adventures and beliefs. Only then, you develop an eye for creating immeasurable look combinations and assortments that adorn your portfolio. Only then, your creations are beyond makeup…they are art.” She scouts the world regularly for the latest makeup releases, techniques, and top-quality beauty brands which she brings to her work, and aims to give brides much more than they expect on their wedding day! Read on as we pick her brains on the latest Bridal Makeup & Hair Trends released by her for 2018. Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style
The 2018 brides are going to be all about impact and an embodiment of the word “Regal.” For those of you who don’t know, an “odyssey” is a long journey full of adventures and pleasant surprises. Like the Barat symbolizes the beginning of an adventurous journey, this look is for those bold brides, looking to start this new chapter in their lives as an endless adventure, where they are the only queen of their destiny- they are “Royalty.”Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style
Boasting modesty, coyness, and a traditional charm, the look builds on emerald colored smokey eyes, artfully accentuated with fluttery lashes. Rich blush, minimalistic contouring, highlighted cheekbones, and shimmer that looks like it’s a glow from within, adds a poetic allure and sense of youthful coyness to this bride to be. The look is balanced with prim carrot coral lips, and face-framing impactful brows. The beautifully complimented color contrast between the lids and the lips creates a demure tone that is rounded out with full, youthful brows and a glowy complexion.Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style
The Majestic Versatility look embodies the cut-crease technique using a carefully crafted cocktail of 4 different hues of glitters, eyeshadows and pigments to bring the look to life. Anchored on creating the perfect bronze, champagne and gold infused, signature kohl-rimmed eyes, the gilded majestic appeal adds an aura of affluence to the creatio. A healthy rosy blush, peachy orange subdued lips, sculpted cheekbones, and high wattage glow, is beautifully accented with a swivel of lip-gloss, adding a unique finesse to the bridal glow.Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style Khashees Bridal Makeup 2019 Pakistani Style

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